Spinnboden Lesben-
archiv & Bibliothek
Das feministische
Archiv FFBIZ

Let's reach for
the next century

We are finally
moving (everything)
into one space

The first archival center for lesbian-­queer, feminist and sexological history, research, edu­cation and culture will be opening in Berlin-­Neukölln. For this we need your financial support.

Three of Berlin's oldest and ­most significant memory institutions — the feminist archive FFBIZ, ­the Magnus Hirschfeld Society and the Spinnboden Lesbian Archive & Library — are building a joint archival center.


Collecting and preserving lesbian, gay, queer and feminist history is becoming evermore important as we are facing yet another shift to the right. The struggles of the past are our mission today: to inform, ­strengthen and inspire the generations to come.

To collaborate as an archival center brings long-term security to our three participating archives, e. g. contracts that guarantee stable rents for 99 years as well as space for our growing collections.

Every donation counts—yours especially!